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Reach your best with guided breathing workouts and personalized training plans

Achieve Your Goals

Empowering everyone from health enthusiasts to athletes to achieve their best

Excel in Competitive Settings

Achieve peak performance in freediving competitions with advanced training routines that push your limits and improve.

Feel Safer
while Surfing

Increase your confidence and safety in the water with targeted breathing exercises that help you handle wipeouts.

Enhance Sports Performance

Elevate your athletic performance with specialized training plans that increase lung capacity and oxygen efficiency for any sport.

Enjoy Recreational Freediving

Dive deeper and longer with tailored workouts that improve your breath-holding capacity and underwater endurance.

Improve Health
& Relax

Boost your lung health and find tranquility with guided breathing exercises designed to enhance overall well-being.

Be more Efficient

Maximize your underwater hunting success with breath-holding training to stay submerged longer and move more efficiently.

Personalized Training Plans

A daily recommended workout to ensure you invest the right time on the right exercises

Based on Your Shape

At certain moments, the app will request you to perform a breath-holding test to determine your current fitness level. Your workout results also contribute to tailoring your training plan.

Based on Your Feedback

Adapting workouts in real-time to ensure you are always challenged but never overworked.

Focused on Your Goals

Helping you improve in the areas that matter most to you.

All workouts 100% Free

Enjoy Unrestricted Guided Workouts: No Ads, No Limitations

  • CO2 Tables: Build tolerance to high levels of carbon dyoxide

  • O2 Tables: Help your body adapt to low oxygen levels

  • Box Breathing: Improve your Breath control and Endurance

  • Rectangle Breathing: Enhance your breath-hold capacity and stamina

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